We make mobile marketing accessible to everyone

WOOAPPs make mobile marketing accessible to all businesses, big or small. In 2013, we saw companies like McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Ikea launch their own mobile apps, and Amazon led the way with more than 76 million monthly mobile customers. Meanwhile, 99% of small and medium-sized companies suffered the consequences of the global economic crisis. For this reason, we created WOOAPPs to help small and medium-sized businesses grow in a mobile world.

Our mission

Around the world, small and medium-sized enterprises represent 99% of the productive sector and are the main drivers of economic growth. However, these companies face great difficulties to adapt and compete with large corporations. At WOOAPPs, our goal is to help small and medium-sized companies in their transformation process, developing advanced mobile marketing products and services that allow them to compete on equal terms. We believe that by democratizing technology, we can be a catalyst for business development and our mission is to create the most advanced mobile marketing solutions and make them accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

Our values

Constant innovation:

We are always looking for new ways to advance and improve, challenging the status quo and embracing change to find a better way of doing things. We strive to continually innovate, iterate, and improve our products and services for the growth of our company and our customers.

Ethics and honesty:

We strive to create sustainable and legitimate opportunities for those who need them, working with integrity and honesty. Trust is built slowly, through responsible actions and sincere relationships, and should never be taken lightly.


We recognize the trust our customers place in us to improve their businesses and lives, which is why we fully assume our responsibility in delivering exceptional products and services. We hold ourselves accountable for our results, creating the highest expectations and working tirelessly to meet them.

The customer always first:

Our company exists to help our customers grow, so your success is our success. We always strive to exceed expectations and treat small businesses and entrepreneurs like the local heroes they are, taking enormous risks in creating value and opportunity for others.

Help and leadership:

Being generous is an integral part of our mission and way of working. If you know how to do something well, you not only do a good job, but you become a leader by sharing that knowledge with others. We win or lose together and we always put the mission and the team before our personal interests.

Comfort zone:

We do not settle and we always seek growth and excellence. Dare to dream big, because anything is possible if you try hard enough. You won’t hear phrases like «we can’t» or «it’s not possible» in our company.

Change the rules of the game:

We’re not just changing the rules of the game, we’re finding new and better ways forward. There is always room for improvement and we never settle for something well done, we always seek excellence in everything we do.

What is our motivation?

It is paradoxical that, despite the great contribution that SMEs make to the growth of society, they find themselves in an extreme situation.

It is precisely here where our social responsibility with SMEs begins, and it consists of giving them the opportunity to grow and compete on equal terms with large companies.

For this reason, our purpose is to help small and medium-sized companies take off in their businesses, providing them with the most advanced technology on the market and allowing them to reach great heights.

Would you be interested in joining our team?

If you are aligned with our founding principles, we would be delighted to have the opportunity to meet you.

We are looking for talented and creative people who have a genuine passion for what they do and want to join us in making a positive difference in the world. Together we can empower the real engine of any nation’s economy: small businesses.

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