Push Marketing

Automatic notifications that increase conversion immediately.

Push notifications have a much higher click-through rate than other marketing strategies, such as sending emails or posting on social media. Specifically, push notifications have a 7 times higher click rate.

take care of everything.
Turnkey delivery

You don’t have to know programming, you don’t have to know about design, you don’t have to build your APP or online store or your website… We take care of everything, you just focus on your business and your products.

Communicate instantly with your customers through push notifications on their mobile phones, regardless of their location.

Loyalty your Customers with your App

Why have an application that does not interact with users? With WOOAPPS you can send personalized messages to your customers based on their behavior. Ideal to retain them through relevant notifications, tailored promotions or automatic reminders.

Immediate messages without causing discomfort

Broadcast push messages to your customers through the mobile app, sending instant notifications without causing a hassle. You only need to compose the message in the control panel, press «Send» and your customers will receive it on their smartphone. Fast and easy.

Ensures buy-in and participation

When users install your mobile app, they give their explicit consent to receive push notifications. This is an ideal opt-in as it allows you to send messages directly to their mobile devices without any delays.

Clicks, opens and purchases

Establish an intelligent connection with your subscribers through personalized and test campaigns.

Use the right type of message, such as transactional, promotional or newsletter, and test different versions to optimize your campaigns.

Monitor performance with the Business Intelligence tool built into WOOAPPS and generate marketing campaigns in seconds.

Establish a connection between all your online marketing efforts.

WOOAPPS allows you to be in control of all your online marketing, since it is directly integrated with all the necessary tools to have a presence on the Internet and sell successfully as an entrepreneur, infoproducer, marketer, etc.

  • APP

  • Website

  • Sales funnels

  • Online store

  • Business intelligence

The tools work together on a single platform, providing a better experience for you and your customers, avoiding surprises, disconnections and incompatibilities.

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