What type of plan are you interested in?


Charge every 3 months
Total $51.00 USD

Equivalent to $17.00 per month.


Charge every 6 months
Total $84.00 USD

Equivalent to $14.00 per month.


Charge every 12 months
Total $114.00 USD

Equivalent to $9.50 per month.

The subscription does not have a mandatory duration, you can cancel it at any time you want.

All subscriptions include:

Mobile App

We create your own App that will help you retain your customers on their different devices. Always stay present on their mobiles.


We design your website integrating it with all other solutions and turning it into your landing page.

Own domain

When we say domain, we are not referring to a sub-domain, but your own web address such as www.yourcompany.site


All your solution and strategy hosted on our servers throughout the subscription period.


A corporate email that will generate seriousness, a sense of identity and brand to your business. Info@yourcompany.link

Online store

All your catalog of products or services available for your customers to know.

Payment gateway

Charge with seriousness and confidence worldwide with PayPal. It offers monthly payments without interest. Integrated to your website and APP.

Customer Registration

Knowing and monitoring the activity of your customers is essential to retain them and increase your sales.


Process your sales professionally and accept payments in cash, bank transfer, or debit or credit card.

Sales Funnels

We create a powerful strategy focused on selling, retaining and growing supported by social networks, Marketing push, Website and APP.

Push Marketing

The ideal tool to create your promotional campaigns in an instant. Reach your customers massively in seconds.

Orders management

We automate all the management of the status of your customers’ orders by communicating their status via email and generating trust.

Installation by QR Code

Add the QR code of your APP to your products so that your customers can install it and thus generate loyalty and constant presence.

Installation Link

From your Website, whatsapp, sms, social networks or emails, you can send the installation link of your APP.

Integration with Social Networks

You and even your clients will be able to share your business or products on all their social networks with a single click, easy and fast.

Business Intelligence

Observe, learn and make the right decisions based on analytical information about your products and campaigns in real time.

Cost of shipping

Determine a uniform shipping cost for your products and have the freedom to choose the best way to ship them.

Technical support

We provide technical support and software and strategy updates to the entire platform throughout the subscription period.

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