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Stand out in the market with your own APP

We empower your business with a personalized mobile application that provides advanced mobile marketing features, such as instant messaging and customized loyalty programs. Contact us now and grow your business!

We take care of everything for you.
Turnkey delivery

You don’t have to know programming or design, nor do you have to build your own APP or online store or your website… We take care of everything, you just focus on your business and your products.

Having your own App and an integrated mobile marketing strategy that includes E-commerce, Website, Push Marketing, Business Intelligence, and Sales Funnels is vital to compete and scale.

We design your APP based on the nature of your business.

In a matter of hours, we adapt our base platform to the requirements of your business, personalize and customize it to make your APP unique.

Direct communication with your customers.

With tools already installed in your APP, your customers can easily contact you via WhatsApp or phone with a single click, share your products with their friends on social media, or instantly receive your promotions through Push Marketing.

Expand your business

Surely all your customers have a phone from which they browse their social media and communicate with their relatives, friends, and colleagues. Every time they look at their phone, your store will be there, next to their social media, games, banks… Don’t miss the opportunity to always be present.

Multiply your presence90%


Increase your sales50%


Available Features in Your APP


Your customers can now communicate with your business with a single click.

  • Direct access to your WhatsApp
  • Automatic dialing to your phone
Customer Login

Get to know your customers when they place an order:

  • Phone number/WhatsApp
  • Address
  • Preferred items
  • Comments

Send instant promotions and messages to all your customers:

  • Promotions
  • Daily offers
  • Discount coupons
  • News
Product Catalog

Let your customers see all your products and their prices:

  • Featured Products
  • Category generation
  • Prices and discounts
  • Image gallery
Payment Gateway

Preconfigured to accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash payment
  • Payment at convenience stores
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit/debit card payment

Not only can you promote your business, but your customers can too:

  • Share button
  • QR code
  • Link access
  • NFC

Promote Your APP

Everything is ready for you to promote your business through different platforms and methods so that your customers have your APP installed on Android and iOS devices.

Share your APP with your customers through social media, WhatsApp, or Telegram by sending them an invitation.

QR Code

Add the QR code of your APP to your store, products, catalogs, and brochures so that your customers can easily access it.

Google Play

Allow new customers to discover your business by publishing your APP on the Google Play store. We provide you with the package of your APP for publishing.

App Store

Become visible to the Apple community by publishing your APP on the App Store. We take care of creating the package for you to publish.

Manage Your Business from Anywhere

Manage your business, your APP, and your website on the go with the control panel. Create products, process orders, generate receipts, and track key statistics in real time.

Ready to Get Started?

Take your business to the next level with the world’s most advanced Mobile Marketing solution.</vc_column_text]

$9.50 USD/month

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Push Marketing:
The Perfect Relationship with Your APP

Your APP will employ the most efficient tool to boost sales and keep your subscribers engaged with push marketing. This solution allows you to establish direct communication with your audience, engage your customers with specific offers, automated messages, newsletters, and promotions that your subscribers will receive instantly. Schedule your deliveries and design attractive messages with CTAs and links to the content you want to promote, all tailored to any device.

Business Intelligence at the Service of Your Entrepreneurship

What is not measured cannot be improved. That’s why we include a powerful analytics and Business Intelligence system that will allow you to monitor how your users interact with your mobile application, as well as access their profiles to get to know them better, segment them by interests, and check the status of your sales. You can even design push message campaigns according to the results.

Ready to Get Started?

Take your business to the next level with the world’s most advanced Mobile Marketing solution.</vc_column_text]

$9.50 USD/month

Price in USD
Annual Plan

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