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Beyond being just a website

The online conversion rate is very low, but WOOAPPs offers the solution of creating optimized websites and landing pages that have a conversion rate of up to 40%. Additionally, you can engage potential customers using emails or push notifications in your own applications.

We take care of everything.
Turnkey delivery

You don’t have to know programming, nor design, nor do you have to build your APP or online store or your website… We take care of everything, you just focus on your business and your products.

A page that functions as one of the main complements to all the arsenal that WOOAPPs offers you, with a clean design and the necessary features for your website to serve as a launch platform for your online business.

Domain included when hiring WOOAPPs.

(Eg: www.dogsworld.online)

The name of your domain makes your brand visible, reducing advertising expenses. It helps you build customer loyalty and differentiate yourself from the competition. It brings more prestige, solidity, and credibility. Having your own domain is a secure asset.

Responsive Design, your page will be visible on any device.

Responsive websites are easy to navigate and have faster loading times. They make it easier for users to share content on social media. Additionally, they provide a seamless user experience that leads to a more positive perception of your brand.

Corporate Email. Strengthen your brand’s image.

(Eg: yourname@todofon.site)

Having an email domain establishes and reinforces your company’s identity, letting your customers know that it is a serious business. Additionally, it helps establish credibility and legitimacy, showing them that you invest in your business.

Optimized for search engines to index your website.

Having a search engine optimized web design is crucial. Your website will receive more visits, and with more views, you can generate more sales or quote requests. It’s not the same for you to search for a customer as it is for a customer to search for your product or service.

Available Features on Your Website


Your customers can now communicate with your business with just one click.

  • Direct access to your WhatsApp
  • Automatic dialing to your phone.
Customer Login

Get to know your customers when placing an order:

  • Phone number/WhatsApp
  • Address
  • Preferred items
  • Comments

Send promotions and instant messages to all your customers.

  • Promotions
  • Daily offers
  • Discount coupons
  • News
Product Catalog

Let your customers see all your products and their prices.

  • Products on Sale
  • Category generation
  • Prices and discounts
  • Image gallery
Payment Gateway

Preconfigured to accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash payment
  • Payment at convenience stores
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit/debit card payment

Not only can you promote your business, your customers can too:

  • Share button
  • QR code
  • Link access
  • NFC

Manage your business from anywhere

Manage your business, your app, and your website on the go with the control panel. Create products, process orders, generate receipts, and track key statistics in real-time.

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