Manage your business, mobile app and website easily with the control panel. Create products, process orders, generate labels and monitor important statistics in real time.

Knowledge of your customers at the service of your business

Measurement is key to improvement. For this reason, we provide an analysis and business intelligence system to control the use of your app, better understand your users, segment them and review the performance of your sales, and plan push message campaigns.

add products

You can create, edit and publish products from your mobile device. Quickly turn your ideas into products or save them as drafts to edit later and carry out your ideas on the spot.

be notified

Never miss an order or a review. Turn on real-time notifications and hear that addictive cha-ching sound every time you make a new sale.

Manage orders

Control the entire process of your orders from the application, from purchase to delivery. Review summaries, search by customer or order details, and change order status with the touch of a button.

Track your stats

Get valuable information about your business with detailed sales statistics. See which products are the most popular, monitor revenue and order counts, and get visitor data by week, month, and year to improve your sales strategy.

Campaign control

Observe in real time the response of your clients to your Push Marketing campaigns and evaluate their success to rethink the necessary strategies.

friendly dark mode

Transform the look of your interface with a sleek and sophisticated alternate color scheme that’s easy on the eyes and puts the focus back on your business.

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